Looking for a fun way to do writing as a family? Take a series of pictures of your child as s/he is involved in an activity, recording each step from start to finish. Print the pictures. Sit down together and talk about them. Next, have your child write or dictate to you the caption for each picture. Put together as a book. Share often!

My daughter and I have created a book in this way as she made a cake. I had the pictures developed and put in a small photo album, with handwritten index cards in the facing photo slot for a very personal touch. Now, as I think about using current technology, I would certainly have fun with digital cameras and publishing it to look very professional! Which ever option appeals to you, give it a go!

Peter Pan Fans

Have you ever wondered about the origins of Peter Pan? I’ve recently discovered a wonderful book, a prequel to Peter Pan, entitled Peter and the Starcatchers. Suspense, whimsey, and intriguing tie-ins to everyday life…read for delight!